Project releases can be found at the Downloads Page. Currently the latest release is serafettin-cartoon-fonts-0.6.tar.xz.

Issues with building serafettin-cartoon-fonts against fontforge 20100501 are fixed. Thanks Paul! Three glyphs (at, copyright, registered) are redrawn.
Removed the glyph uni019D, since, for some reason, fontforge-20091224 and above will hang when building the Bold Italic font.
Changed the package name from serafettin-fonts-cartoon to serafettin-cartoon-fonts as it makes more sense. Also re-added most of the Tamil fonts from TSCu_Comic but this still needs some work. If you can read Tamil and want to contribute please contact the author.
Going by the name "Cartoon Fonts" from now on, to avoid trademark conflicts.
Serafettin fonts aim to be a collection of Free Latin fonts for daily use. Currently it contains a heavily modified version of Thukkaram Gopalrao's TSCu_Comic font, which can be found among the packages of the Tamillinux project. The modifications include adding accented characters, redrawing some of the glyphs, adding glyphs to complete the basic ISO 8859-1 table.

Serafettin fonts are released under GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).